Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016
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family friendly

Cinco Coisas
Bianca Bertalot

A solo clown show inspired by the five basic developmental needs of a child – Place, Nurturing, Support, Protection and Limitation. Through dance, play, clowning and improvisation it proposes to lead the audience on a purely human experience.
clown, physical-theatre all ages 50 mins

Granny Smith
Theatre Transformations

Granny Smith loves cooking so much she used to teach it in Britain. But when she retired she indulged her other love – France. Now settled there, she chatters in English and French about her gymnastics classes, her grandchildren, her life in France – and of course, her cooking.
family, mask, interactive 5+ 45 mins

The Moon, The Stars and the Little Wooden Shack
Project:Dance! Devon

Come and travel with us to the little wooden shack and beyond with a mix of dance, drama and song. Our cast are all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. We may not be the slickest performers but we promise you will leave the show laughing, as always!
comedy, drama & dance all ages 45 mins

Travellers' Tales
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

John says that there’s no such thing as mermaids but Sally wants to convince him otherwise. Join these budding explorers on their quest. Hear the sounds of Egypt and discover the Pirate tales of the Caribbean as John and Sally re-imagine traditional tales from around the World.
children's theatre 3-7 40 mins

Under African Skies
Gary Cordingley

This is the story of one boy's journey into manhood. When Mamadou runs away from his village, his adventures become a rite of passage. Each adventure a story to be told. Incorporating participation, live music and song, Gary tells this story with energy and compassion.
storytelling 8-98 60 mins

What's the Matter? A comedy about physics
The Last Baguette theatre company

An unexplained cat theft from a physics lab leads scientist Smithy on a journey inside his own experiment. As seen at the British Science Festival, a sci-fi adventure through the strange world of quantum physics. A very silly show about a very intelligent subject.
physical comedy 8-108 70 mins