Abi Roberts: Anglichanka

Bawls Out Comedy Productions

age 16+ strong language & adult themes

60 mins

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A comedy show about Russia in the 90s and being the first comic to do comedy in English and Russian. Hear about gay rights, opera and see how Russia has changed under Putin, the meerkat with nuclear weapons. "An incredible show. ★★★★★” EdFestMag. “Not to be missed ★★★★★” – 3 Weeks


Twitter: @abiroberts

Instagram: abirobertscomedy


Abi was the first UK Comedian to go To Russia to do stand-up last year beating Eddie Izzard to the accolade. She trained as an opera singer at the Moscow Conservatory.

Critically acclaimed in national newspapers, BBC Radio 4, BBC Scotland, The Independent, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine.


★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine here

“Anglichanka is an incredible stand-up show…unstoppable charisma, dominating the stage all through the hour….a wide range of insightful observations from her time in Russia. With true talent, Roberts merges her tale with her boisterous, laugh-out-loud humour that never once fails to gain laughs from the audience, Roberts has pieced together an entertaining and one-of-a-kind stand-up show.”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Fringe Review here

“…a high-energy, entertaining performance. 'Anglichanka', is hilarious, thought-provoking and a joy to watch…. it takes the audience through Roberts’s year of living in 1990’s Moscow, and her experiences there. Roberts completely wins over the audience and makes them feel perfectly at home….the material is so seamlessly put together and delivered… wonderful comedic writing is not the only treat in store. While undoubtedly hilarious, this piece also offers food for thought. Roberts’s relationship with Russia raises many interesting insights, such as acceptance (or lack thereof) and censorship in post-Soviet Russia. It also demonstrates how comedy can be used to great effect – Roberts’s biting commentary is so subtly embedded in her script that it is never forced, but none the less challenging. I heartily recommend seeing this show – intelligent, self-effacing and deeply personal comedy: absolutely not to be missed.”

★★★★★ Swindon Evening News here

“Comedian Abi Roberts burst on to the stage like a breath of fresh air with her new show Anglichanka (means Englishwoman in Russian); which was about living in the former Soviet Union in the 90s and returning after 18 years as the first UK comic to perform in English and Russian. Having seen a lot of stand-up over the years, I had never come across Abi before so I wasn’t sure what to expect - but I can say with absolute confidence that I will make sure I see her again now that I have witnessed first-hand how absolutely hilarious she is. This woman is belly achingly funny; she is clever, witty, different and moreish. The way she tells the crowd her life story is so interesting that your attention is not allowed to drift for a second, and the pace of her tales made her totally addictive.

“Throughout this show, we really got a snapshot of what living in Russia must be like; we heard about the kindness of these people, the coldness of the climate and the vodka-infused lifestyle! The performance was an education and Abi proved that nothing you do in life is a waste. Her mother wanted her to be a professional opera singer (Abi trained at the famous Moscow Conservatory), so she uses some of her singing in this current production.

Abi is comedy gold and the people of Swindon would be wise to catch her when she’s next in town. Her dance moves and vocals when it comes to her Russian version of the musical ‘Chicago’ is now forever embedded in my memory.”

★★★★ Three Weeks review here

“It’s undeniable that Abi Roberts has huge stage presence, commanding the room from the moment she steps on stage. Roberts regales the audience with tales of how at nineteen, she was inexplicably thrust from Swansea into the glamorous world of Russian opera, studying at The Moscow Conservatoire. Through a wonderful blend of funny stories and audience interaction, we are whisked to post-Cold War Russia to learn of Roberts’ struggle to assimilate as an Anglichanka (English woman). A fantastic storyteller who has led a fascinating life, you’ll leave Roberts’ risqué comedy having not only laughed, but also gained an insight into Russian culture and customs. Definitely a show for those looking for a scoop of wanderlust to go with their stand-up”.

★★★★ Fringebiscuit here

“Brash, silly & delightfully vulgar @abiroberts tells the story of her journey to Moscow & sings some kick-ass opera. 4/5”

★★★★ Ed Fringe Review Late here

“We join a sizeable queue. Fast forward an hour and a half, I am sitting in a café pondering over what I have just seen. With all the enthusiasm and perfect timing of the first UK comic stand up in English and Russian, Roberts embarks upon a hilarious tale with sustained energy which cannot fail to delight. Robert’s incorporating of impressions, one liners and ad-lib is superb. Only when the hour was up do I realize I had not peeled my eyes from the glowing performance. Roberts entrances the audience in a way I have seen few times before…Abi’s entrance sets the tone- she is a a fireball of energy who ignites the audience in a heat of giggles and claps with a naturalness and honesty which twisted, and turned via intelligent reference to Russian history throughout. A comedian who doubles up as an opera singer is a stage presence to be reckoned with. This one-woman show has not a little but a whole lot of energy. Marge Simpson, Bond, Liam Neeson, a toilet trained dog and most memorably her own mother are brought to life and I am certain the line ‘I’m Putin, a meerkat with nuclear weapons’ will never leave me. It is boundless, yet so honest. With a finale to end all finales, an hour spent in the Voodoo Rooms may just be your ticket to brighten up the dreary, drizzle this Fringe.”

★★★★ The Wee Review/TV Bomb Edinburgh here

★★★★ Edinburgh Evening News/Fife Press here

★★★★ The List

★★★★ Theatre Bath here

“We are welcomed in, in Russian (!), by a hefty lady in a fur hat, though it’s a sunny day and it’s pretty hot in the packed upstairs room at the Brewhouse. What’s going on? But after some thumping music and more of the Russian lady chanting loudly along with it, she rips off the hat and admits that no, she’s Abi and she’s British. The show is then a riotous trip down memory lane as she recounts her experiences as a teenage student in Swansea University and the Moscow Conservatoire, where she learned how to be an opera singer at the insistence of her overbearing mum. What? Yes. It’s an action-packed story, involving lots of oddball Russian characters, how to sing American musicals in Russian; how to behave as a Russian comedy audience, oh, and even a military coup. Roberts is a feisty and ebullient performer and the story never flags in a roller-coaster ride of comedic skill that has its audience hooting along in English and in Russian right through to the suitably over-the-top Slavonic musical finale. A smart, funny, and highly original show. Spasiba bolshoi, Abi.”