Wicked Old Sod - The Resurrection

Michelle Ridings

comedy-drama, physical theatre
age 14+ strong language

60 mins

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A solo performance, which challenges our perceptions of social and global outcasts, misfits, madness and desire. Using physical theatre, comedy and song Wicked presents a version of our world from her perspective on the outside of society. Looking in.

Wicked is an archetypal anarchist.

The Watcher on the boundary. The Rebel. The Fool. The Gossip. The crazy old bag sitting next to you on the bus.

That which is rejected, broken, manipulated and controlled by our fear of her.

The twisted version of the feminine handed down to us after centuries of religious oppression.

She is the dark dream of our broken hearts demanding to be reclaimed.

Wicked speaks for the refugee. The mad. The lost and the lonely, the wounded souls behind the mask of our 'all about me' culture.

"I said to that God lad 'what you seem to forget is that it was our Mother who had the first word."

"Well, Im going off me track there Im always going off me track me. They used to say to me 'will you stay on your track' an I'd say 'NO!' Because -I wont do anything I'm told me."

Disconnected from our source how do we navigate our way forward through the chaos surrounding us? How do we reclaim our humanity?

Wicked Old Sod image

twitter: @mshellrider