For Conscience Sake

Plain Quakers Theatre

age 14+

40 mins

"thought-provoking, challenging and entertaining"

Morris, a seasoned curmudgeon, tries to unravel the story of his father's heroic exploits in the First World War.

Albert, unsuccessful author and Quaker enthusiast, argues that we should remember the bravery of conscientious objectors in the 'war to end all wars'.

Unconvinced, Morris stubbornly defends his granddad's war record.

Then Albert unrearth's a disturbing truth...

The play commemorates the opposition of Quakers and others to the introduction of conscription in 1916. It is set in the present but looks back to the past where, in a small mill town south of Huddersfield, two brothers are faced with the call to arms. It draws on real events to explore the tensions and confusions that must have been in the minds of the men who resisted conscription and the pressure to bow to public opinion.