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Cassandra premiered at the Winnipeg Fringe in July 2002 and then moved on to Saskatoon and Edmonton gathering 5 star reviews in all three cities.

Cassandra reworks the myth of the King of Troy's daughter whose gift was the ability to see the future and whose curse was not to be believed.

Cassandra is an embarrassment. Her compulsive need to make sense of the world, to search out the truth, threatens the powers-that-be - especially with war looming. So they shut her away.

Cassandra's life is enmeshed with the lives of three men - one of whom is the enemy-within who will betray her. She craves the affections of her hero-brother; she's worshipped to the point of infatuation by her father's servant; and there's a mystery man who haunts her dreams and who is getting nearer.

"A subtle, intriguing exploration of war and violence that neatly sidesteps preaching and sentimentality. The light and set design add to the intensity, creating eerie, surreal moments. This is beautiful theatre that gets under your skin."      See Magazine

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age 14+