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Goodbye My Love

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We hear and say it all the time - “I never got the chance to say goodbye”. But would you really want to?

The White Hippos once again delve into the lighter side of the darker side of life, and get all loved up. Through their comically physical style a young man takes a journey through love’s young dream. As he does, he begins to suspect that not everything about his relationship was as it seemed. As life, fantasy and memory begin to mix, will his sleeping beauty wake? Will he have to say goodbye?

White Hippos Productions

When White Hippos Productions first burst onto the stage in 2005 they did so with a first time writer/director, a cast with little stage experience and a giant spider.

“First Edition Second Edition” the tale of three soldiers discovering an underground library, in a war torn desert, their battle to survive as characters from the books begin to take over their personalities, and their perilous journey towards the mystical land of insurance - really shouldn’t have worked, (not least because of the aforementioned giant spider) so when it did and seemed to really make an impact on its audience, it was considered to be a bit of a fluke. However when the following year’s production of “The 12:03 with Yorkshire Pudding” did even better and appeared to make even more of an impact everything became a lot more serious.

Originally conceived to give young actors and technicians the chance to work with and in theatre during their gap years, White Hippos Productions has now become a regular fixture of summer entertainment in Devon.

When last year’s “The 12:03 with Yorkshire Pudding” was featured in the local newspapers’ “shows not to miss” section it appeared to be placed above the Plymouth Theatre Royal’s production of “Return to the Forbidden Planet”. A fact the Hippos were initially extremely proud of, and basked in the glory of their achievement by telling everyone they knew. Sadly everyone they knew could read and pointed out, that there was no rating in the section and that every act was apparently equally entertaining. And there in lay the rub, because on the same page, was the legendary Ken Dodd… we were as entertaining as Ken Dodd. Just as we had hit the limelight our glory was been taken away by the largest of backhanded compliments.

white hippos photo White Hippos Productions return to Devon this year with two shows - one, “Goodbye My Love”, especially for the North Devon Fringe Festival - and both are far more entertaining than a feather duster and a silly grin.

age 14+