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Based on the hunt for the Beast of Exmoor, multi story have created a hugely entertaining psychological thriller.

In the winter of 1982 scores of sheep were savagely slaughtered on Exmoor. A Beast was on the loose.

A marine on the moor hunts the beast. A mysterious woman appears at his side there to help or to hinder? For the soldier, fresh from conflict, the hunt takes on a startling significance. And the tale takes on a life of its own, interweaving stories and myths from other times and other traditions to examine the nature of the beast and the fate of the hero who hunts it.

Myths from around the world are evoked as supporting evidence. Hercules and the Lion, Diana and Acteon, Beowulf and Grendel - even the Werewolf of Ilfracombe - they all make an appearance along with the Marines and other assorted victims and hunters.

Fully exploiting the multi-role playing that the company is renowned for - as well as their musical skills and a wealth of multi-media input - this is great entertainment for student and adult audiences.

age 14+

  • The Platform
  • Friday 6.45pm
  • Saturday 8.15pm