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The Sparkling Fragile

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“Fantasy is more than the sum of its supposed hidden depths.”

Last week, the ghost of Richard’s Sister came back to haunt him.

Last week Richard made a discovery that would change the world, a discovery so big the universe itself would stand up and take notice, and he can’t remember what it was.

As the world begins to close in on Richard and time runs out, a ghost speaks from the darkness.

“ I am the Lord of Fragile things and I’m here to help you. ”

Life, love, loss and everything in between collide as a clock ticks its way to midnight, and the Lord of Fragile things must decide what survives.

White Hippos Productions return with their sixth original performance in four years and draw you into a truly magical modern fairytale. Join them as they explore in their comically physical style, the paper thin lines that make our place in the universe what it is, and discover how fragile they can be.

age 14+

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  • The Factory
  • Thursday 10.15pm
  • Friday 6.30pm
  • Saturday 3.15pm