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Let Me Rest

beach hut

North Devon’s own contemporary dance company, YoYo Triptych are back with an exciting work which uses the concept of ‘status anxiety’ as its starting point.

What does our status mean to us? Who decides where we fit and what we deserve? Why does it matter? Who’s sitting in your chair and what will you do to get them out of it?

The dance reflects both the adrenalin and deep heartache that can accompany our fight to maintain some kind of status in the eyes of our colleagues, friends, family and society at large. In the end this is really about our desire to be loved and accepted and to find our place.

Once again the dancers reflect an experience and a relationship with which each one of us can identify, amplified by both the raw power and tender simplicity of Tom Nordon's original score which was developed in close collaboration with YoYo and is new for this re-working of Let Me Rest.

The draft for this work was performed at The Plough last year and YoYo Triptych have thrown it up in the air to see how it lands........come and find out!!

Cathy Richards
YoYo Triptych

age 10+

  • The Factory
  • Friday 4.00pm
  • Saturday 6.15pm
  • Sunday noon


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