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Arrant Knaves All

This is like a delicious triple-decker sandwich. In one layer, actor Orlando shares with the audience his life story of mediocrity, waiting for recognition as the best actor of his and every other generation. It’s been a long wait, four centuries in fact.  He confides he was given a dose of the Elixir of Youth  400 years earlier and name drops Shakespeare and the first Elizabeth as personal acquaintances.

The layer starts as  a kind of modern Shakespeare, Orlando establishing a solid, whimsical rapport while he explains to the audience that he’s just arrived for an important audition.

He then moves into the middle layer of the sandwich in which he performs passages of  the Bard’s great characters, first Cleopatra and then Othello, both underplayed to perfection.

He’s rudely interrupted by the real reason for the audition, a surprise and the final layer of the sandwich you could say. But no, I’m not giving the game away. You need to go and see it at The Inn on Saturday (1.15) and Sunday (3.45) 

Richard Howe (official Fringe reviewer)


Loved it!


Great fun: great performance.



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