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Becoming Mum

For anyone who’s not familiar with that shocking realisation that, much against our will, we seem to become our parents this reminiscence will make it clear. It’s a one-woman show with poignant moments, acted by a Liverpudlian who’s widowed mum comes to life through her daughter’s stories. It’s summed up best when daughter  recalls looking in a shop window and seeing, to her dismay, mum looking back. She’s reached 50 and it’s time to take stock.

The result is a monologue that you can imagine has entertained many down the pub and is at its best when the actress recreates past scenes in the club toilets, or teenage years in front of the mirror. The fashions are well described, and she’s skilled at mimicry and accents.  Most of all, as she raises the giant glass of red wine she’s poured to comfort herself, there’s nobody else she’d rather become in her advancing years than her mum.

Richard Howe (official Fringe reviewer)


Sat 28.6.08

Inn on the Square

Lovely, familiar stuff – gently done, witty and pleasant – Thanks Clare

Pete, White Hippos



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