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Dodgy Keeper

You don’t have to like football to love the tale of the Dodgy Keeper.

He has a wife whom he can’t believe is having an affair with the team’s striker, he has a teenage daughter who knows about it, and he has a fancy for his sister in law. I desperately wanted to know if he could save not only his team but also his job, his marriage and his reputation, all of which are disintegrating around him.

The trouble is he’s a bloke who’s not sure about women, and not even very sure about people in general. He’s the kind of bloke who’s still playing in goal long after he should have hung up his boots. But if you have any interest in football at all this one-man show is a terrific kaleidoscopic experience.

Harry Mottram knows all about the beautiful game as its played by the unbeautiful, that is most of British men. Most of all he’s studied dodgy keepers the world over and discovered some intriguing truths about them and about men.

This was an outstanding performance, full of energy and engagement, poetry and pathos. I laughed at, but was also gripped by his re-enactment of the marital rows and of his philosophy  - “ I will change….tomorrow” -   centred on a fateful Saturday afternoon when it seemed that his whole life rested on his performance between the sticks, the match result and a bet on a horse.

Dodgy Keeper has the pace, the chants, the characters and the drama. Go and see what happens.

Richard Howe (official Fringe reviewer)



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