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The Sparkling Fragile

This was a well scripted play that reminded me very much of a Phillip K Dick novel. having not read anything about it beforehand I had no idea what to expect and as a sci fi addict I was pleasantly surprised when they started throwing ideas of time travel and alternate dimensions into the mix.

The actors seemed to be really enjoying themselves and made full use of the stage and at times looked like they were going to fall off it which kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the way there were all sorts of surprises thrown in and the part where they started talking gibberish was just brilliant.

The only fault I can think of was that it took me a little while to realise when they were going into a flashback, I think this could have been helped by the addition of a hat or some kind of prop to help distinguish between Faith's character as fragile and as Richard's dead sister.

To be able to convey such a complex story with nothing but a desk, a whiteboard and a PC was great, I look forward to seeing more plays by White Hippo Productions.

Gavin Smart


It brought tears to my eyes. Magic and real which if you think about it is an amazing achievement. (Unless magic is real, I think some is. I think you proved that!)

Go you guys!

(Name not supplied)


The White Hippos are amazing as ever and have no trouble sucking their audience into their entertaining theatrical journey.

(No name supplied)


Wonderful performance… thoughtful energetic and touching - what more do you need?

Richard Crossman


Just wow! Stunning took my breath away. Made me really emotional.



Wow absolutely fantastic, slick and flawless. Best performance at the Fringe so far!



Absolutely phenomenal – gripping – Thank you (as always) GREAT PERFORMANCES!

Julie Whitton


Beautiful, entertaining and thought provoking. Thank you.

Michele Borsten


What a fantastic show. Simply brilliant – stunning performance.

Sean Devlin


Absolutely amazing I loved it – Keep up the good work, hope to see you next year.

Abi and Tascha (Out there)


Fantastic ideas, very polished, flowed brilliantly – really enjoyed it. Fab!

Kat (Barefaced Cheek)


Brilliant!! The answer is 4.

Danni and Ben


I loved it so much... I’m going to go and write a comment on the wall in the foyer!



That Fragile girl is amazing!

(Signature supplied looks like an A with a butterfly in the middle)



(No name supplied)


Really nice!

(No name supplied)


Fri 27.6.08

The Factory



Sat 28.6.08

The Factory

Wow that was amazing … so good. Well done.

Megan, Out There


Sat 28.6.08

The Factory

Captivating – thank you – it was fantastic

Julie W


Made tears come to my eyes – v moving performance by Ben … do catch this if you can.


Go and see – fabulous.

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