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Backward Glance

severed head

A celebrity death cause uncertain - is the starting point for Backward Glance, the latest creation from multi story.

A woman has died, her husband provides conflicting versions of the circumstances and can't account for where he disappeared to immediately after the death.

A journalist smells a scandal, an investigator is determined to prove foul play. A mourning mother looks for somewhere to lay the blame. And the husband is on a mission in quite another dimension.

multi story weave their story from words and images that play with notions of myth and memory, love and loss. Differing visions of past, present and future fuel a conflict with deadly consequences.

The play premiered at the Brighton Festival Fringe to enthusiastic audiences at the beginning of May and multi story are now looking forward to presenting the piece on their "home turf".

age 15+

adult themes

  • The Inn on the Square
  • Friday 4.00pm
  • Saturday 2.45pm
  • Sunday 6.45pm