Surfing Tommies

BishBashBosh Productions

Surfing Tommies image

This heartfelt new drama will make you want to get up, hit the waves and hang ten...

A 'sticking tommy' was a device used in mining to offer miners light underground. It consists of a small twist of iron, with a cradle to hold a candle. From this small light in the dark comes Alan M. Kent's rousing new play: "Surfing Tommies"...

Set during and in the aftermath of the First World War, this poignant drama follows the lives of three members of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry on an incredible journey from the mines of Cornwall to the fields of Flanders - and back home again.

Along the way we meet mazed beauties, mad male voice choirs and the first surfers - neatly taking to the waves on what else but elegant coffin lids.

Though set in the early twentieth century, this darkly mischievous play makes comment on current conflicts around the world and what it is like to be away from where you d'belong t'be.


Brought to you by the team who toured Oogly es Sin and The Tin Violin, this is Cornish National Theatre at its very best.


age 10+

90 mins