Madame Galina Forces' Sweetheart

iestyn edwards

Madame Galina and alter ego

Based on Iestyn's experiences of auditioning then singing on Victory for Her Majesty on the T200 Celebrations and on wires getting crossed and him ending up entertaining troops on bases in Iraq and Afghanistan in the guise of Madame Galina Bolshie Ballerina.

'Non-stop belly-ache laughter…superb fouettés…played straight, which is precisely what makes it so funny.'
Time Out

'Part stand up, part panto-dame, part clown - total hit! This extraordinary character has to be the result of a drunken one-night stand between Tommy Cooper and Margot Fonteyn.'
Liverpool Post

comedy, dance, cabaret
age 15+

90 mins

Madame Galina's myspace