Phileas P. Souper

Loon/Theatre Mimi

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Around the world musically and quite dramatically in about 80 minutes…

Five musicians and two miming clown artistes travel hysterically, beautifully, and magically around the world almost literally in about 80 minutes. From a tandem bike through Paris to a late train in Siberia, they travel the world offering their tender, comical observations as they go. Inspired by the silent movie era, Theatre mimi traverse the world, all the while provoked and second-guessed by the genius and slapdash comic timing of the musicians. Edinburgh Fringe street theatre meets a travelling circus band; Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin meet Spike Jones’ City Slickers. If you enjoy great comedy and equally great music then this show’s for you!

Come and see them play marimbas, mbiras, saw, piano, peanut tins and zither… not to mention singing, accordion, bassoon, banjo, brass, percussion, drums, guitar, tuned wine glasses, and washboards. Come and see them battle the elements, the animals, and the bicycle pumps as they embark on this melodramatic circumnavigation of the globe. The Phileas P. Souper Tour offers an evening of joy, drama, and musical adventure fit for all the family.

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comedy, music, circus
age 12+

80 mins