Spectacular Vernacular

Mish Mash Productions

Spectacular Vernacular image

We have something deeply important to tell you, our distilled thoughts seeking to recapture the essence of a moment, a memory, a feeling, big or small.

Spectacular Vernacular offers a fresh, moving, enriching, showcase of an enduring poetic form. It’s vibrant, passionate, powerful and engaging, it’s about emotion, truth, rhythm, and expression. Challenging the boundaries between poetry, rap, song, and performance “Spectacular Vernacular” offers original scripts, lyrics, and poems from local and not so local writers!

Mish Mash Productions explore our fascination with words and their fusion with performance. Allow us to help you get inside the wonderful world of words and awaken your natural resonance with language. We promise to be as diverse as possible in mood, style, and method and attempt to offer something for all tastes which will enrich your day.

If that doesn’t tell you enough about the show we just don’t know how else to describe it, so come and see!

a mix of styles
age 14+ - possibility of some strong language, imagery and subject matter.

45 mins