Cheap Bedsits/On The Job

Whiskeyjack Productions

This double-bill of comedy shorts brings together two writers who have emerged through the Northcott Theatre Writers Group in Exeter. The plays are performed by members of the Northcott Community Company.

Cheap Bedists image

In Cheap Bedsits by Joe Stoneman, unscrupulous but likeable landlord Mr Chan owns a house converted into bedsits. He lets the rooms cheaply to any tenants who are willing to fake a disability in return for the reduced rent!

Mr Chan receives subsidies from the local council for each bedsit that he rents to a ‘disabled’ person. He is also in cahoots with one of his tenants, Alan, who supplies him with the stolen identifications of real disabled people, which Alan obtains from the files of his employers!

However, for Chan to receive the subsidies, the council carry out occasional inspections of the house and its tenants, in order to make sure said ‘disabled’ people are occupying the rooms. When such a visit is due, Chan briefs his co-conspiring tenants to make sure they are all rehearsed in the art of faking their own designated disability! As the pressure mounts on Chan to deceive the visiting inspector, panic and confusion ensues as Chan’s devious deception goes hilariously awry!

On The Job image

On the Job by Jeff Sleeman takes place on a university campus during the summer vacation. Two security guards, one of whom is unhappily married, come into contact with the attractive female coordinator of a corporate function which is taking place at the university. She is also suffering relationship problems and a series of chance encounters with the guards changes their lives in a sudden and unexpected way. A tale of friendship, attraction and betrayal.

age 14+

45 mins