Elvis Still My Heart

Pretty Good Girl Dance Theatre

Elvis Still My Heart image

Elvis Still My Heart is a play within a dance. A highly charged play unpicking the story of three young people living in 1970’s London.

Arianne needs a room to rent after running away from the Welsh Valleys.
Alan hides in his room, desperate for the world to ‘live and let live’.
Agnes has a room to let and holds a dark, dark secret in the needle of her record player…

With a dynamic cast of three, the story is told via toe–tapping Rock ’n Roll, fast paced physical theatre, all underpinned by a ‘red-blooded’ new musical score.

If you love a good story, Elvis Presley and toe – tapping rock and roll, you will not be disappointed with Pretty Good Girl’s latest theatrical offering!

Quotes from previous shows:
Morning Noon & Marilyn – 2006/07
'One of the performances I was sorry not to see sooner ...powerful'
(Stefan Silvis, Prague Post 2006)

Sally Up Steps – 2006
‘Possibly the most original offering…a dance-speech monologue. The personal nature of the material and Barrett's engagingly openhearted presentation make it her own. Her intense, occasionally whimsical recollection of her early relationship with her father segues into a choreographed study of flight and refuge, ending on a moment of real charm’ Judith Mackrell, Guardian 2002.

I’ll Go My Way - 2003
‘Inventive flow of steps and situations mark her out as one to watch.’ Ballet review 2003
“The mixture of well-staged choreography, drama, song and music-track celebrates the life and times of Vesta Tilley.” Fringe Report 2004

dance, physical theatre
age 12+

65 mins