Robin Hood/Tales of Avadoro/
Voyages of Wonder/Raven


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Each of the four perfomances features a different tale:

Tales of Robin Hood (Thursday) are earthy and violent and from the earliest medieval ballads - for 10 yrs+.

Tales of Avadoro (Friday) are set in Madrid about the year 1700 and concern the loves and intrigues of a gypsy (Avadoro), a Knight of Seville, a romantic young merchant and several beautiful young women. The supernatural plays a large part and the tales are racy and exciting as different stories are woven into and around each other. The guitar music from Steve Yates that flows through the tales is spine-tingling. For 16+ only!

Voyages of Wonder (Saturday)is 9th century Irish surrealism - and a tale about the absolute necessity for forgiveness and reconciliation - again for 10 yrs +.

Tales of Raven (Sunday) includes creation myths, and they are fine for 7 yrs+

Articulate, witty and lively storytelling; entertaining, thoughtful and uncompromising. Sometimes scary, often hilarious and usually both. Powerful, evocative songs weave magical threads through the texture of the tales, creating "pictures better than the films."

storytelling - live oral literature
age 10+
*Avadoro 16+

60 mins