First Edition Second Edition

White Hippos Productions

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When White Hippos Productions first burst onto the stage in 2005 they did so with a first time writer / director, a cast with little stage experience and a giant spider.

“First Edition Second Edition” the tale of three soldiers discovering an underground library in a war torn desert, their battle to survive as characters from the books begin to take over their personalities, and their subsequent journey together across the desert to escape - really shouldn’t have worked, (not least because of the aforementioned giant spider) so when it did and seemed to really make an impact on its audience, it was considered to be a bit of a fluke.

However when the following year’s production of “The 12:03 with Yorkshire Pudding” did even better and appeared to make even more of an impact everything became a lot more serious.

Since 2005 White Hippos Productions have created seven original pieces of theatre culminating in last year’s fantastical and emotional “The Sparkling Fragile” which earned the following reviews among many:

"It brought tears to my eyes. Magic and real which if you think about it is an amazing achievement. (Unless magic is real, I think some is. I think you proved that!) Go you guys!"

"Wonderful performance… thoughtful energetic and touching- what more do you need?"

"Wow absolutely fantastic, slick and flawless. Best performance at the Fringe so far!"

This year the White Hippos return to where it all began with a bold adaptation of their action packed first performance, in what will be their third year performing as part of the North Devon Festival.

Come join them on a journey through fantasy and reality, where friendships are tested and lives stretched apart. Join them in a land where although fiction has destroyed everything, and the facts are heartbreaking… Hope survives, and so do books, lots and lots of books.

Find all this and the purpose of all the knowledge we never use in the second edition of “First Edition Second Edition”

comedy drama
age 12+

60 mins