Assorted Accumulation/Floor Plan

An experimental piece by a group of Dartington College students Floor Plan explores ideas of individuality and community. The seven performers include an on-stage director and sound artist giving an impression that the structure allows for improvisation and development based on the actions of each member and their interpretation of the performance space.

Through stylised and controlled movement familiar physical expressions become robot like, suggesting the erosion of individuality in a controlled setting; the lone voice is rarely heard above the choking necessity of production. The success of Floor Plan lies in the sense of atmosphere that emerges as the three elements interact both in harmony and in discord.

The live sounds, comprising of various scrapes, bangs and droning feedback, compliment the movement providing tension as the rhythms become more violent and percussive before suddenly stopping under the instruction of the director.

Through an abstract structure Openbatch create a unique and engaging piece of theatre, forcing their audience to examine their own place in a society which places increasingly less value on the individual.

An original and ambitious project, as one of the performers states, ‘I know this is new to you but if you understand this you will understand everything’.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


A fantastic and brilliant performance. A joy to watch. Would love some more.


Fantastic! Very professional, brilliant use of sound! + congrats on your results!


IT BLEW MY MIND! I got you guys, I totally got you


I really enjoyed that. I liked being challenged a bit - and you pushed us good and hard.


Beautiful and horrible - a perfect mix. Well done.


Liam Gifford one to watch. Very good all round performance from all cast.


Really interesting and thought provoking piece of theatre with a lot of detail. Loved the concepts and the sound effects. Well done!


Stunning piece, not at all what I was expecting. Grating and at times so very human. Awesome stuff.