Cheap Bedsits/On The Job

One of the benefits of the Fringe is that it can give inexperienced writers a chance to air their work and gauge its various successes and failings. Cheap Bedsits and On the Job are both debut writing credits and whilst they have their weaknesses they also show a degree of promise.

In On the Job an officious security guard forms an unlikely attachment to a delegate at the university campus where he works, but when a seemingly well meaning colleagues starts meddling behind his back things become complicated. This short play is tightly scripted with some good performances but lacks originality and needs more laughs to make up for what it lacks in depth. Cheap Bedsits is the story of an unscrupulous Chinese landlord who hatches a credit crunching scheme to rent cheap rooms- eventually running into trouble with a council inspector. The result comes across like an episode of Rising Damp minus the well drawn characters (but with dubious racial stereotypes still intact). That said that there are some funny scenes as the various tenants, particularly Alan, a slovenly alcoholic, hopelessly fain disability.

Both plays are well worth seeing and are commendable additions to the range of entertainment offered by the Fringe - viewed as works in progress there is much to enjoy here and future ventures by these writers promise much.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Excellent - at last a non PC play - laughed out loud. Thanks.


A very good laugh! Interesting look at society.


Really enjoyed it. V funny.