Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is an innovative and original piece of devised drama focused one of life’s most profound questions – how do we achieve true happiness? Is it through following one’s own goals regardless of the effect on those around us? Or do we achieve fulfilment by aspiring to please others? Do we need a plan or a map or should we just go with the crowd?

The play features three characters, Grace, Jodie and Georgia: a snob, a yob and a globetrotter who have each set out on a certain path. Elements of comedy and sadness are perfectly blended and executed by the cast, and the play provides the audience with plenty of food for thought about their own quest to find Cloud 9.

This is a thought provoking, funny and moving piece of drama – small but perfectly formed!

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


Magic obviously happened in that little hut in NDC... fabulous.


Well done Cloud 9 girls. "Life is hard and you must enjoy the ride!"


Well done - best of luck for the future.


Well done! Enjoyed it.


Some truly lovely moments girls. Perhaps chasing the dream is what makes us happy. Loved the scene with the "stuff of life" being loaded onto Georgia.


Interesting subject, liked it!