Elvis Still My Heart

A contemporary combination of dance and drama culminates in a theatrical feast for the audience in the form of Elvis Still my Heart. The Pretty Good Girl Dance Company was founded in 2003 by Loiuse Barrat who, with a combination of excellent training and experience, has enabled her to form a close knit cast and technical crew which produced a shining performance.

The use of dance and prose as forms of expression for this piece create an atmosphere of dramatic tension, with the three main characters performing to an exceptionally high standard. A particular highlight being the use of torches to illuminate a dance routine, which both prove the skills and abilities of the performers themselves and their innovative use of props.

This is a company that are both forward thinking and accessible to the audience. It is the privilege of The Fringe to have access to companies such as this that will bring an outstanding combination of dance and drama to North Devon. This performance was both emotionally moving and funny but above all is a highly polished piece of theatre.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


ELVIS IS GREAT - anything but dead. xxx


Girls, girls, girls you did Elvis proud


Great & so different - remembered the music so well!


Fab show. So visual and energetic. Come back soon please.


The King still lives thanks to Pretty Good Girl.




Brilliant rollercoaster of emotions. Very clever, funny, sad.


Brilliant throughout.