First Edition Second Edition

First Edition, Second Edition is set in a dreamlike world where the line between fact and fiction is indefinably blurred. In a secret library in the midst of a war zone, three soldiers and their female companion form bonds and friendships that are eventually stretched to the limit.

The play challenges our perceptions by presenting characters and situations that are not all as they first appear. There’s the straight-talking soldier with a secret, the clever bookworm with a violent streak, a young woman with a mysterious past, and the apparent madman who actually talks a lot of sense!

Forgotten truths are remembered and memories are re-discovered as the characters embark on a search for adventure, insurance and “a final answer”. Fragmented accounts and clues about each of the companions’ personal histories pepper the script leading to a portrayal of well rounded characters and an enhancement of the play’s message.

This is an imaginative and moving story that skilfully fuses surrealism, comedy, and poignancy into an original piece of drama featuring a bright and talented cast.

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


A collection of ridiculously strong performances, well done guys!


What you expect and what you don't expect.


A happy White Hippos production. Well done.