Forcharama plunges us into a unique world where religion and mythology combine with the real issues faced by local children, inspired by William Golding’s Lord of the Flies the production explores the consequences of a world devoid of structure and authority. The performance is propelled by a dynamic sense of rhythm- transforming the intimate space with vibrant costume, movement, music and chanting to hypnotic effect- ‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!’

When the action occasionally lets up we see another side of the actors’ abilities; there are some strong performances particularly from Toni Pickles as Indra, the Forcharamas leader who’s powerful physical presence and strong voice hold everything together excellently and there is also some fine comic moments between Ganesh and his messenger.

The play was written by the performers and it is testament to their abilities that they have crafted something both entertaining and thought provoking into so short a time; in only thirty minutes we are taken on an epic and challenging journey that speaks to adults as much as to children. Highly recommended!

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Brilliant!! Well done elephant man.


Very good. The children did really well. Very enjoyable.


Wonderful performance. Second time around even better!




Absolutely brilliant. Well done.


Fantastic, loved the performance.


High energy, weird, well acted, good costumes.


What a complete joy! Skillful, exciting, cool dance, could teach a lot of adult performers a thing or two!!


Fantastic performance! A joy - skillful, energetic, original, cool dance! What a start to my festival weekend!


A superb, strong performance by all. Very good, energetic dances - Good ending!