Fragments of Love

Fragments of Love is a funny and candid portrayal of a young woman’s experience of the twenty first century dating game. Wearing shiny red heels and her heart on her sleeve, Mary-Frances Doherty opens up to the audience about her desire to find love with “preferably a male”. We witness the courtship ritual of the average twenty three year old woman – go to nightclub, get drunk, lose inhibitions, dance like a maniac (hilarious!) – and the subsequent relationship she forms with an unlikely partner…

Mary-Frances Doherty’s character is refreshingly honest, sweetly idealistic and endearingly desperate. Fragments of Love presents emotions that everyone can relate to – love, lust, heartache and jealousy – and provokes moments of smiling recognition, the occasional dropped jaw and plenty of laughs in the audience.

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


In Mary-Frances we have a beautiful, strong, multi-talented young performer who in "Fragments of Love" delivers the age-old story of love and loss in a completely new way. Using a blend of humour and pathos she chats, sings and dances with the energy and emotional honesty this theme needs. She's the complete package and gives a genuinely heart-warming performance. Don't hesitate, go and see it while you have the chance!
Cheers, Bob


Wow! what a fantastic performance. If you only see one thing at the festival it has to be "Fragments of Love", unmissable!
Cheers, Tom Margrain


An unexpected treat from a first-rate performer. From the start she transported me to an emotional rollercoster and then on that 20 minute journey  exposed me to the pains and pleasures experienced in the pursuit of love. I felt the pain and I felt the pleasure. She facilitated my exploration of long past broken dreams but left me with a sense of empowerment.  Don't miss Fragments of Love.. it can cure a broken heart!
Kate Turnbull


Fresh, funny & unique!


That was excellent, so honest! I loved it.


An energetic performance.


Brilliant. Go if you're single, go if you're not, don't let anyone give you a patronising arm rub! Great! Funny! Inspired!