Madame Galina Forces' Sweetheart

For an exceptionally unique experience, you must come and see Iestyn Edwards and his alter ego, the fabulous Madame Galina!

Iestyn Edwards is an extraordinary talent; he shares his experiences of entertaining the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan candidly and hilariously, and lets us into a few juicy secrets about his love life and the glittering world of burlesque.

In the second part of the show, we are introduced to the prima ballerina, the dancing diva, the one and only (she truly is unique!) - Madame Galina! Despite her slightly voluptuous physique (by ballerina standards that is), Madame Galina is extraordinarily light on her toes – she flounced, she pranced, she pirouetted delicately through the air which by the end of the show had turned a delightful shade of blue!

When you can count her Majesty the Queen and Ruby Wax (Queen of Comedy) as your fans, you know you’ve made it … but Madame Galina doesn’t need us to tell her that, she knows she’s a star dahling!

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


I will always love you.


Genius! Not to be missed.


Madame Galina is a star - great fun. A bit rude!


Mary Poppins as you've never seen her - fabulous


1st Class


Madame Galina is a genius. Perfect, beautiful,elegant & hysterical. x