A Life in the Theatre

A hilarious two-hander A Life in the Theatre is the story of a pair of struggling actors seen both from the dressing room and the stage. The relationship between the two is finely acted; Robert has a chip on his shoulder and is fantastically histrionic when talking of the theatre and John is the straight man with impeccable comic timing.

The play derives comedy from various angles; the increasing pathos in Johns’ disillusionment shows a subtle humour but the real laughs are found in the snippets of the overblown and clichéd plays they perform- complete with ridiculous costumes and accents.

The performance has a genuine warmth and depth to it, dealing with themes of sexuality and self harm, and by the end we are left with a feeling of great sympathy for the lonely figure of John.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Funniest thing I've seen so far.


Fabulous performances. Terrifically funny piece. DON'T MISS THIS.


Hilarious and brilliantly performed. Get to it!