Phileas P Souper

The story of Phileas P. Souper is an incredible journey told through a combination of slapstick, mime and music. As the play opens we realise that Phileas has recently passed on and his friends decide it is only appropriate to mourn their friend with a celebration of his greatest adventures- and the audience is a welcome participant in this breathless ride.

The stage is transformed into an emporium of exotic instruments; marimbas, banjos and washboards to name but a few, and the interplay between the musicians and actors is a treat to behold, the simple structure of mimed sketches accompanied by dynamic multi-instrumentalists creates the atmosphere of the various locations brilliantly- with the need for only minimal dialogue.

Owing to a minor technical hiccup (not on the part of the performers) the reviewer missed the end of the show but will be sure to catch it again over the weekend, and would urge audiences to do the same. Phileas P. Souper is a must see performance full of wit, energy and technical skill.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Great energetic. Fantastic music. Superb acting. Loved it!


Brilliant visual theatre.


Brilliant performance, totally amazing & so enjoyable - a very talented hard-working & professional act.


Polished mime and acting. I really felt I was on a train through Russia. Superb.


Fantastic - not to be missed x


The Marx Bros are alive & well. Superb show.


Absolutely superb!!


Utterly, utterly awesome!


Oh yeah! 10/10.


Absolutely wonderful. Funniest thing I've seen in ages.