This is Robin Hood but not as we know it … there’s nothing twee about this tale! A shooting contest, swordfights, and subterfuge combine to present a delightfully dark and exciting take on a great English legend. There are stories of mincing minstrels, corrupt clergymen, men in green tights “and very shapely legs” and reference to Maid Marion holding an Ann Summers party. Raventales bridges the gap between medievalism and modernity in a fresh and exciting way that captivates and enthrals audiences young and old.

Tales of Raven on Sunday promises further adventures into the glittering and intriguing world of Raventales’ storytelling.

Embark on a journey of legend and lore with Michael and Wendy of Raventales and experience authentic storytelling at its best.

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


Amazing atmosphere with great guitar playing.


Magical storytelling.




Magnificent Spanish atmosphere with guitar throughout.


Glorious gore - not for the weak-hearted but loved the blancmange.




Brilliant rollercoaster of emotions. Very clever, funny, sad.


Brilliant throughout.