Sealskin is the story of an adult brother and sister and their reminiscences of a childhood story which gradually reveals to them the secrets of their parentsí relationship. The play tells two stories concurrently; the myth of sealskin and the reality of the siblings past, but we soon realise the parallels between the two. It is part of the beauty of the performance that it is only through their shared, often conflicting, memories that brother and sister come to this realisation along with the audience. The subtle stage and costume means that we rely on the abilities of the actors; there is excellent use of movement and song but most importantly the relationship between the two performers is believable and dynamic.

Sealskin draws us into a dream like tale of blue moon nights and underwater adventure and contrasts this with the problems of communication in the 21st century. The juxtaposition of these two worlds is intricately balanced in the script and combined with superb acting, culminating in a highly captivating experience.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Beautiful momentary glimpses into the characters' true feelings expertly shown through facial expressions and use of words. Really touching.


Gorgeous story, surprisingly uplifting, great performance.


Wonderful. Heartfelt and sweet. Bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody brilliant!


Fab, loved it!


Touching, beautiful, enthralling.


Sensitive, thought-provoking. Wonderful.


Story telling at its best. Thank you. (Beautiful look at families as well - all very familiar!)


Usual excellent performance


Two siblings reliving/telling their memories and feelings - Poignant BUT listen, you may miss something.


Thought provoking and with some beautiful movement. Go see this first outing of a great new show. What do you think was done and why?


Lovely, lovely. Go and see it.


Truly wonderful. For anyone who has memories to wonder about.


Touching, beautiful, enthralling.


Convincingly drawn in and out of multiple story worlds - MULTI STORY lives up to its name! Pure pros!


Master story tellers. Loved it.