Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone

If laughter is what you are looking for at this year’s Fringe this is a must see performance for you. With a pre warning of ‘This show may contain incompetence’ on the promotional flier the mood is set for a show that is destined to make you laugh. A lot!

A combination of tongue in cheek humour and magic that would not have looked out of place in the era of the old time music hall this is pure fun for audiences of all ages .Audience participation is a must have for acts such as The Great Surmo to be effective and he certainly has this in abundance, comfortable with banter from the audience and drawing big laughs from tired jokes with hilarious facial expressions and impeccable comic timing.

The attitude to his performance of magic is also combined with humour and his feigned incompetence is a nod to Tommy Cooper. Young and old will enjoy this show, and if you are looking for fun for all the family this is where you will get it.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


Pure magic x


Awesome! The most entertaining thing I've seen in ages!!


Funny in an odd sort of way!!


I was gripped!




Kids & growns ups love it so...


Wonderful performance, the casualness of the magic is so much fun. My cheeks are sore!!


Sheer magic - a lovely warm, fun-loving performance and such skill!


Funny because he kept messing up.


Mesmerising, skillful, ancient art kept very much alive.