Spectacular Vernacular

Edgar Allen Poe said:
“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words”

Come and experience something beautiful at the Fringe this weekend! MishMash Productions presents us with a collection of poems, lyrics and even a bit of rap that covers a spectrum of subjects: love, loss, death, and the more trivial aspects of life such as the daily shop or the lives of Z list celebrities! (I loved the “Jordan’s had a boob job” one!)

Humour and sadness, philosophy and storytelling are inventively blended into a truly evocative piece that is only made possible by the exuberant passion and understanding that the cast hold for their subjects. The key element of this collaboration is diversity. Stories of murder and psychopaths are intermingled with lighter, fluffier subjects such as a delightful tale of friendship between a duckling and an otter … and it works spectacularly!

I would encourage everyone to come along to Spectacular Vernacular for a fresh and exciting experience where the power of poetry is truly brought to life.

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe




After 'the duckling' (you really have to see this!) be prepared to reach into deep dark places of the mind.


I liked 'Miss', 'Magazine' and 'You Make Me Happy'


As someone who has had to sit through many Lamda Speech & Drama evenings, Spectacular Vernacular was a revelation. Truly wonderful.