Stolen Voices

I was lucky enough to watch the premiere of Neyire Ashworth and Kath Burlinson’s Stolen Voices on Thursday. This is a touching portrayal of the lives of a mother and daughter – it is a story of love, loss, mystery and music. Neyire Ashworth presents an impressive spectrum of characters; the threads of their lives are interwoven with the voice of a further character – the clarinet – hauntingly beautiful and sad at times, jaunty and lively at others, the instrumental element of the piece is what makes this play a truly special and unique experience of theatre.

Ashworth expertly infuses comedy with poignancy in her portrayal of her younger, idealistic self and the intriguing character of her mother Selma – a passionate and independent woman with a mysterious past.

An innovative and evocative blend of narrative, singing and music that is not to be missed!

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


Absolutely amazing! A must see!


Flipping fantastic! Everyone should watch! You will not be disappointed! Bravo!




Terrific stuff


Watch how one person expertly takes on the character of several


Great storytelling. music & theatre. Funny & poignant.


Captivating... powerful stuff


Absolutely stunning