Two Sunsets

Accompanied by cello and piano this performance of contemporary dance offers something expressive and beautiful; combining poise, strength, agility and focus, the fluid choreography of this beautiful set of dances has an element of spontaneity. Graceful, swooping movements in conjunction with silk costumes create an organic, evolutionary atmosphere to the performance.

Exceptional style and use of the space alongside simple screen projections add to the naturalistic genre of the work, giving it a fragile beauty. The juxtaposition of eastern, yogic influences and classical ballet poses create a captivating up to date performance. Eye contact between the dancers amplified tension and added a sense of drama on stage creating a captivating spectacle.

YoYo Triptych present contemporary dance in an accessible style for a modern audience and the result is highly successful. The very essence of this performance is what makes it stand out and it is an inspiring work of art.

Patrick Chappell - Behind The Fringe


You complement each other perfectly


So beautiful it made me cry!


Beautiful dancing - again! Loved every part, inc the music. Will look for you next year!


What a beautiful dance, performed by two beautiful ladies. Wonderful!


Wonderful. What movers!


It was beautiful


Another faultless performance! Well done ladies.


Wonderful and excellent. Went much too quickly.


Fantastic - very moving


Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait for the next performance.


Fantastic! Moved me to tears.


A heartbeat. A breath. A sense of yearning. This felt natural and was as beautiful and well lit as usual. Well done.