Surfing Tommies

Surfing Tommies begins in 1914 and is centred around the lives of the inhabitants of a small Cornish mining village. The friendship between the larger than life Jimmy and the naïve and innocent John Henry is wonderfully funny, as Jimmy bestows his wisdom about mining and maids upon his young pal. The conflict that is occurring across the seas seems to the villagers to be nothing more than a distant threat, and life is generally happy – young love blossoms and the tin industry booms. However, after Reverend Hocking makes a rousing speech in the village promising glory to those who join up, Jimmy and John Henry find themselves leaving the mines for the Duke of Cornwall’s light infantry, and at the start of a journey where their lives will change forever.

Surfing Tommies is a celebration of Cornish heritage and a touching and funny portrayal of friendship, love and family ties. The play’s presentation of the effect of war upon soldiers and their families is poignantly relevant to the modern day and is acted with incredible perception and sensitivity by the fantastically gifted cast.

Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe


Cracking story, brilliantly performed.


Stunning, a must see.


I laughed a million times and cried three times. THAT WAS AMAZING.


Wonderful performance and moving story. Loved it. I cannot believe what I have seen.


It was GREAT.


OUTSTANDING. Excellent acting, funny yet very moving. A must see.


Simply one of the best theatre pieces we've EVER seen - easily equals, if not surpasses, Footsbarn & Kneehigh.


Fantastic - comic yet very very moving. Thank you.


Fantastic, energetic, funny and very very sad - an emotional roller-coaster. It was fab!