Professor Uppischbaum

The distinguishable Professor Uppischbaum has devoted his life to discovering the answer to one question: Who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays?

Having made his discovery, the Professor is ready to unleash the glorious truth upon the world, but a slip on a freshly polished stage disrupts his plans somewhat…

The play sees our haphazard hero undertake an incredible journey that transcends time and space. As the Professor awakes in a mysteriously familiar place, he comes across a stranger who will have a great influence upon him.

Mark Shorto plays the egotistical yet endearingly earnest Professor Uppischbaum who is assisted by his underestimated and secretly glamorous aide Wilhelmina, played by Lynette Reade. Steve Lee’s appearance as the surprise guest is excellent – although he’s a little cocky about it!

Expect the unexpected with this show – yellow stockings, yodelling and a surprise intruder that sends Professor Uppischbaum spinning back to reality with a bump!

The mysteries of the great Bard are revealed in a unique and hilarious fashion intermingled with slapstick, singing and even a love story!

Vicky Webb - Behind the Fringe


The best laugh I've had all day. Great performances.


What can I say! Really funny.


Excellent. Little gems!


Shakespeare at his best!!!


Spontaneous and good fun!