25 - 28 June 2009

saturday's schedule

  The Inn Downstairs The Inn Upstairs The Baptist Hall

  Cloud9   noon Spectacular Vernacular   noon Phileas P Souper   12.30pm

  Fragments of Love   1.00pm Sealskin   1.15pm Bedsits/On The Job   2.30pm

  Hiya & Higher   2.15pm Lady in Bed   2.45pm Ubuntu   3.45pm

  Surfing Tommies   3.45pm Shhh... don't tell anyone   4.15pm Forcharama   5.00pm

  1st Edition 2nd Edition   5.45pm Stolen Voices   5.30pm Ubuntu   6.00pm

  Madame Galina   7.15pm Professor Uppischbaum   7.00pm YoYo Triptych   7.45pm

  A Life in the Theatre   9.15pm Raventales   8.15pm Elvis Still My Heart   9.00pm

    Lady in Bed   9.45pm  

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