Inn on the Square The Inn on the Square

The Factory The Baptist Hall

The Inn on the Square and The Baptist Hall are within easy walking distance of each other, with the Queen's Theatre box-office slap bang in the middle.

The Inn on the Square hosts two venues: The Inn Upstairs and The Inn Downstairs, so there will be non-stop action at The Inn throughout Fringe TheatreFest with the opportunity to grab refreshment of all sorts in between shows.

The Inn on the Square also has accommodation on site. Visit their website for details:


The Baptist Hall is at the top end of Boutport Street, next to the Baptist Church. This fine historical building provides a large enough space to accommodate the dance events in Fringe TheatreFest plus the large-cast extravaganzas.


There's something rather wonderful about seeing both the Pub and the Church embracing the spirit of Fringe with such warmth and generosity.