Untitled, The Deep Sleep
Hampton Studio

street performance

all ages

200 mins

The Strand

Thu at 20:00

Fri at 20:00

Sat at 20:00

Untitled, The Deep Sleep
Hampton Studio

The performance is a theatrical intervention where I share with the audience one of the most intimate experiences – sleep.

I set myself up on a portable partly-stage/partly-bed with mattresses, blankets and pillows arranged around so that members of the public can join me in sleep, or simply watch – free to decide how to engage with the work.

At once serious and absurd, the project has no agenda and is open to the intervention of chance. The artist prefers to avoid any public conduct, exploring the freedom of will for a Spectator or Participant, a Creator and/or Critic. Untitled, The Deep Sleep is a work which raises questions about the nature of performance art and the roles that audience member and artist play together. While being present, but asleep, the artist has no conscious contact with public. The act of sleeping is the performance technique that enables the performer to distance herself from her work where everything around can become art in its own rights with or without the artist.

In this, Hampton only wishes to share with the public the simple but exhilarating experience of sleeping under the stars, in spaces that are often precarious and out of the ordinary. This precariousness allows the audience to experience a sense of freedom and trust in common with the artist.