Tomatoes Don't Fly - Gravity Shouldn't Always Be Taken Seriously
Cia Jose Parra

comedy & physical theatre with text


testicular cancer is mentioned during the show

60 mins


Thu at 19:30

Fri at 17:00

Sat at 18:00

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Tomatoes Don't Fly - Gravity Shouldn't Always Be Taken Seriously
Cia Jose Parra

Tomatoes Don’t Fly is a heartfelt and playful physical theatre show with elements of clowning that invites us all to break from the limitations we put on ourselves and see every challenge in life as an opportunity for growth.

Ignacio has discovered something that could change his life forever. He doesn’t know how to tell his partner Maria. As he is at home preparing tomato soup, he enters another dimension where he becomes both a children's clown in crisis and an inspirational speaker. Ignacio will learn something from each of them that will help him take the difficult next step in his life.

Jose Parra is an Spanish artist who focuses on discovering new playful theatrical languages to share life experiences, emotions and laughter. This is his first solo show in collaboration with Jamie Wood. Jamie is an international performer and director with a strong record in creating striking and accessible theatre which has toured extensively all over the world.

Cia Jose Parra is very excited to bring this fun, peculiar and heart-felt piece of theatre to Fringe Theatrefest!

Watch a showreel:

'Go see it. Heartfelt and silly in the best possible way.' Audience

‘I loved how available Jose was and how much I connected with him on a human level even though he was dressed in a ridiculous costume and was being so silly.’ Audience