Two Tents
MishMash Productions Devon

spoken word improvisation


15 mins

Two Tents
MishMash Productions Devon

Bryony hosts commentary, satire and parady of belated meetings, interactions, and celebrations, in hopes that by the time she's 35 she'll be performing....1 whole 35 minute interaction in one place in Theatrefest 2022 with 2 technicians, together, with no tents and WE CAN TOUR!!

One Taste, Two Tents, Third Round. The audience come across "Two Tents" in a green space and choose how to interact with them, and the people and objects, (or lack of them) inside. Will they go in...can they go in?

1 piece, splits into infinite interactions in 4 places in 2020’s Barnstaple.

She’s so excited she might even write poetry, dress up, get off zoom, leave the chat, subscribe, sing, dance, improvise, or even disappear!

strong language and themes possible

Two Tents is presented by MishMash Productions Devon, in conjunction with the Monday Collective