Fox and Sparrow
Restless Successors



flashing lights

60 mins

Baptist Hall

Fri at 20:00

Sat at 21:00

Sun at 18:45

Online ticket sales will open on Jun 01.

Fox and Sparrow
Restless Successors

Restless Successors are a new theatre company founded by writer and dramaturg Natalia Riga and composer and sound designer Peter Buffery. Through their theatre practise, they explore what it is to reflect, be present and act.

Fox and Sparrow is their debut play. A new, original drama tells the story of an impossible relationship, torn between two sides.

Fox enters a place she doesn’t belong. Sparrow will do what it takes to protect her. Their relationship is under attack. How can they find intimacy when all else is lost? How can they communicate emotion and authenticity in a mechanical world of violence and divisiveness? Endure or confront?

Two conflicting routes to resistance. One Room. One hour. One chance to decide their fate.