The Lucky And Ducky Show
Lucky Dog Theatre Productions



60 mins

Baptist Hall

Thu at 20:30

Sat at 15:45

Sun at 13:30

Online ticket sales will open on Jun 01.

The Lucky And Ducky Show
Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

Lucky Dog have been coming to Fringe TheatreFest since 2015, bringing shows about Laurel & Hardy, historical drama, and family comedy. It's now time for the company mascots to take over.

Definitely NOT soft toys, Lucky and Ducky and all their friends are looking forward to presenting a show which is completely stupid and unsuitable for all the family. Lucky is seeking TV fame with his new song and ice cream collection. Ducky is a princess and insists on driving. Speedy's saying nothing. Percy Hedgehog is just lovely. Mr Pie is a bit mad and might eat you. Captain Barnarnar can't say anything except 'banana', and Mr Heff E Lumpp has absolutely no idea where he is and what's going on. There are terrible songs. There are arguments and insults. There might be poo. Features a special guest appearance from singer-songwriter Dean Friedman*.

*Dean Friedman will not actually be present. But Slimy Cow might.