Celtic Sandwich
Fia-bhán Theatre Company



50 mins

Baptist Hall

Fri at 18:15

Sat at 19:15

Sun at 17:00

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Celtic Sandwich
Fia-bhán Theatre Company

Hello! Are you ready to munch on a Celtic Sandwich? We certainly hope so!

For this show we have chosen two Irish short comedies to try and bring a small morsel of our own Celtic good humour to Britain's friendliest fringe. We also aim to breathe some new life into these older Irish comedies and add our own comedic flair.

Our First text is The Workhouse Ward By Lady Gregory. This play depicts two bickering ward-mates, both equally grouchy and seemingly set in their ways until their day-to-day ritual of arguments and discontentment is rudely disrupted! Can they change their ways, or shall this cycle never end?

Our second text is The Pot of Broth by Lady Gregory and W. B. Yeats. In this play we see a peasant couple who are brought into the con of a wily old man. Will you fall for his tall tale? We look forward to seeing you there!