Awkward Pigeon Theatre

domestic drama


brief description of a stroke

50 mins


Fri at 20:30

Sat at 19:45

Sun at 17:00

Online ticket sales will open on Jun 01.

Awkward Pigeon Theatre

A sensitive and intimate play following the lives of three very different people at the height of lockdown in May 2020.

Gina, Hannah and Sid are neighbours. In the normal course of things they might not have much in common but ironically it is isolation which brings them all together.

We get to explore a moment in modern history everyone has an experience of and an opportunity to share in a story that might have happened on your street. Exploring themes of loss, empathy, desperation and endurance, Appearances offers a cathartic look at a trio of very human stories layered on top of each other.

Everyone has a story to tell but it's only when you see all of them that you get the full picture. We are seldom equipped to imagine what lies beneath the surface of the people around us. All the characters see of each other is 'appearances'.