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strong language, alcohol on stage, drugs reference

60 mins

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Notional Theatre

A legendary figure has signed into the GROTTO for some out-of-season rehab. Is he the real thing, or another otherwise unemployed actor between Santa gigs? That’s the set up for a brand-new character stand-up by the critically acclaimed writer and performer Terry Victor – a jolly, white-bearded, fat man who has seen the GROTTO from the dark side.

“We loved it, so funny from beginning to end, would highly recommend seeing [Grotto]. The performance was dynamic and made us feel part of something exciting and special.” (5/5)

At heart GROTTO is a powerful, comic celebration of diversity; a stockingful of juicy namedrops and super-salacious Santa secrets dragged up with a bijou touch of burley burlesque. We all know that there can only be one Santa but as more and more diverse personalities escape into the GROTTO it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas will never be the same. Santa gets satirical, the North Pole is under the climate crisis cosh and, well, you simply have to see the big man tottering in stilettos while rapping as the Ho Ho Ho Sisters.

GROTTO is 60 minutes of zeitgeist-rattling award-winning* entertainment with the world’s most recognisable stand-up.

*Terry Victor and GROTTO won the inaugural Show Chugger award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023